About Us



Be Eco-Friendly And Go Blue!


Bluetech is a leading company in the innovation, design and production of its own technology to create the world’s most advanced and reliable fast and high-powered DC chargers for electric vehicles (EVs). Founded in 2009 in Munich, Germany, Bluetech aims to offer high-quality products in terms of energy efficiency, performance and reliability. Bluetech, with its equipped hardware and experience in the field, offers fast, alternative and stable solutions to companies, attracting attention in the sector. Bluetech has become a solution partner with global companies in a short time.

Our Mission

In the technological and quality wise competitive world of today's, Bluetech's mission is to offer its competent know-how and ground experience with unconditional customer satisfaction and trustworthiness principles.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer, a role model and a difference maker in the industry; by continually enhancing the existing solutions in line with the technological developments, being the first in the world to apply those to the jobs, and designing brand-new equipments of our own where current ones are not satisfying the need.